Welcome to the most historic event in Crypto Art history!

A Heartfelt Plea for the Future of the Museum of Crypto Art

Dear Friends and Patrons of the Museum of Crypto Art,

Three years ago, MOCA embarked on a journey to celebrate and preserve the beauty, the innovation, and the freedom of crypto art. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to turn the Museum into a place where artists and enthusiasts can come to explore and appreciate this cutting-edge form of creative expression. Because of an ethos rooted in inclusivity, we have always offered our services for free. Now, however, the museum finds itself in a difficult financial position, and so we are turning to you, our friends, to secure MOCA's future.

This fundraiser is not only about keeping our metaphysical doors open, but about preserving the ethos of crypto art for generations to come. Through your generosity, we may continue our mission to support and showcase the groundbreaking work of talented artists, promote cultural dialogue, and inspire countless individuals to innovate the world of digital and decentralized art. Every contribution will make a lasting impact. Together, we can ensure that MOCA continues to be a beacon of hope, inspiration, and artistic expression even through the many bear markets to come.

With eternal gratitude,

The M○C△ Team